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DG Flex Feeder

The Dyna Glide Flex Feeder 601 and ECOVISION

The DG Flex Feeder is a flexible vibratory feeder equipped with automatic product control for silent and non-damaging handling of parts. The DG Flex Feeder is the result of further development of the Dyna Glide technology including optical identification of products using the ECOVISION 5000 system. This is very operator-friendly and designed with an easy-to-use Teach-in function. The DG Flex Feeder allows high production capacity and faultless product delivery. The Dyna Glide system, which is a comparatively low investment, is suitable for small as well as large industrial applications.

DG Flex Feeder

The DG Flex Feeder 603

This system consists of two major parts:

The DG Flex Feeder which is a vibratory feeder for silent and non-damaging handling of parts. The feeding process is based on vibratory drive units for gentle separation and conveying of parts to the next step of the process.

The ECOVISION 5000 which is an integrated quality control system designed for sorting, positioning and counting of parts of any shape and design. The system has an integrated buffer magazine which ensures continuous feeding of parts. In case of large volume series, the DETAB pallet/box emptier may be integrated into the system for total control of the parts flow. The whole system can be quickly re-set with a simple operation to suit new parts or products.

DG Flex Feeder Stor detalj

Suitable for small and large parts

The same feeder can be used for both small and large parts. The DG Flex Feeder and the ECOVISION 5000 gives a flexible and product independent system designed to handle parts measuring 1 - 200 mm.

The vibratory strength is automatically adjusted according to the weight of the parts on the vibratory table, which are then fed on to a discharge conveyor. This adjustment is made based on the size of the parts, which are individually monitored by the vision inspection system for counting and tolerance acceptance. The flexibility of the DG Flex Feeder allows both small and large parts to be handled by the system. In one quick operation, the system can be re-set for the processing of new parts.

DG Flex Feeder

Feeding to packaging processes

For packaging of parts, the DG Flex Feeder can be integrated with most types of packaging machines. The system ensures that the correct number of products will be discharged into each bag or carton using the ECOVISION 5000 system, which has been designed to handle a wide variety of parts and products of different types and sizes.  
In the packing process, the parts are fed into the buffer and discharged in batches on to the vibratory table to be positioned and conveyed, passing through the ECOVISION 5000 for control and counting. All parts passed and counted by the DG Flex Feeder system are then conveyed to be filled into bags or cartons.

DG Flex Feeder

Co-packing of products

If different types of parts are being processed for co-packing in the same bag, a number of DG Flex Feeders can be connected into a larger system using a buffer conveyor.
When a number of feeders are being operated at the same time, the different parts can be accumulated on an intermediate buffer conveyor. These may then be packed in the same bag. The DG Flex Feeder gives a flexible and product independent system allowing a huge number of packing and packaging combinations in bags, boxes or cartons.
These DG systems are operated using a master computer system which includes a database and interface which enable combinations of many parts.

DG Flex Feeder

Feeding to robots

The DG Flex Feeder can also be used for feeding parts to a robot or pick-and-place system. This is achieved by feeding the parts to a fixed position where the robot/pick-and-place unit then picks up each part. 
The DG Flex Feeder is capable of feeding up to 200 parts per minute. The parts are placed in a feeding queue, giving the advantage of a continuous flow throughout the whole production process. The Flex Feeder can handle a wide variety of parts using the same system, means that it can be used with a variety of robot applications. The system may also be integrated with a pallet/box tipper for fully automated feeding and inspection.DG Flex Feeder

Feeding to and from processing machines

When feeding to centerless grinding machines, the DG Flex Feeder ensures that all parts are positioned facing in the same direction.
The continuous feeding operation means that there will always be a new part ready to be conveyed. This is a silent and non-damaging system which ensures that each individual product is positioned correctly for different processing machines. For a continuous supply of parts to the system, the DETAB pallet/box emptiers can be integrated with the system. In this way, total control of the parts flow is ensured.

The DG Flex Feeder for economic and non-damaging handling of parts


  • Gentle and non-damaging handling
  • Flexible operation (may be used for different types of products)
  • Low noise levels
  • Simple and quick re-setting
  • Low investment cost


  • Feeding of parts for packaging
  • Product control of numbers, shapes and sizes
  • Robot pickup positioning, orientation and sorting
  • Feeding to/from processing machines

DG Flex Feeder Technical Specification


Up to approx. 200 parts per minute. (type dependent)


The same sytem can handle parts measuring
3 - 200 mm.

Quick setup and re-set:

This is program controlled using mechanical measuring tools which are positioned according to the size of the parts to be processed.


  1. Pallet/box emptiers/tippers for handling large product volumes
  2. Packaging machines for bags, boxes and cartons
  3. PC system for handling of database based specifications and tolerances
  4. Buffer conveyors for handling of a wide variety of interoperating feeders
  5. Queue conveyors up to a fixed location and pick-and-place units
  6. Queue conveyors with optional buffers for feeding to processing machines
  7. Additional vision inspection system/s for advanced quality control applications