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DG Robot Feeder

Dyna Glide Robot Feeder 504-B

The DG Robot Feeder is a flexible and space-saving vibratory feeder for silent and non-damaging handling of parts.
The feeder can be delivered as a complete system
including: The DETAB Robot Guiding Vision System and a robot.

DG Robot Feeder

DG Robot Feeder 504-B

The DG Robot Feeder 504 is designed for flexible
feeding of parts and products. It is compatible with different types of robotic systems.
The feeder has a silent and gentle handling operation and is suitable for both long and short production runs. The vibratory feeding process effectively separates, moves and positions parts for identification by the vision inspection system.
The DG Robot Feeder is suitable for handling many different materials, such as castings, plastic, sheet metal, rubber, wood etc. This is a cost-efficient, easy and versatile solution – the ideal choice for handling many different kinds of products.

DG Robot Feeder Stor detalj

Designed to suit most types of parts

The Robot Feeder is a modular system suitable for handling most types of parts and industrial applications. The picking zone may be designed with belt conveyors or vibrating carpets, which are best used for picking
rolling parts and parts that do not need to be turned.
A vibrating carpet ensures an extremely gentle feeding operation without any level differences. Belt conveyors are recommended for any other types of parts. A vision system is required for the identification and positioning/orientation of parts. This combines with the DG Robot Feeder and a robotic system into a complete, high-tech and cost-efficient handling system

DG Robot Feeder

Automatic picking of mixed parts

Our well-tested and proven DG Robot Feeder and DETAB Robot Guiding Vision System is also the ideal solution for automatic handling mixed parts.
The exact position and rotation data of each inspected object is transferred from the Vision System to the Robot Guiding System to ensure a precise picking operation. Several cameras may be used for increased capacity. The complete system is easy to handle and offers short cycle times.

DG Robot Feeder

DG Robot Feeder 501

The DG Robot Feeder 501 is a purpose-designed machine for handling small parts, as well as separating of most types of materials. The flexibility of this system makes it cost-efficient also for short production runs.
This feeder is a profitable investment with a short payoff period. It is product-independent, has short cycle times and in-process quality control reducing defects and errors.

DG Robot Feeder

Multiple systems for simultaneous feeding

The DETAB Robot Guiding System is a multitasking system for guiding of parts from up to 12 feeders to one robot, independently of product shapes and sizes.
The vibrators can, for example, separate very thin washers and parts that easily lock togetherDG Robot Feeder

Standard systems 504 using a vision and a robot for unsorted products

The same feeder may be used for both short and long production runs. The DG Robot Feeder and the DETAB Vision System give a flexible and product-independent system for extremely gentle handling of both large and small parts.
This reliable system can be combined with a robot, a pallet tipper and a quality assurance vision system for direct feeding of inspected products for further processing and/or packing.



DG Robot Feeder for more profitable and efficient parts handling operations


  • Non-damaging operation
  • Flexibility -
  • (suitable for many different types of parts)
  • Silent
  • Quick and easy readjustment
  • Low investment costs


  • Machine operation
  • Assembly systems
  • Feeders to processing machines
  • Product packing systems




DG Robot Feeder - Technical Specification

Feeding speed:

Up to approx. 200 parts per minute
(part/product dependent)


The system is designed to handle very thin parts.
Ranging from 0.1 mm to approx. 300 mm.


  • A Vision System
  • A Robot System
  • Box and/or pallet tippers for large volumes