About us

At our company, we believe in the power of innovation to transform industries and improve lives. As a leading manufacturer of flexible and low-noise product
conveyor and orientation systems, we are committed to standardize, combining
best vibratory and vision technology to create solutions that make a real
We see great potential in standardizing our approach, as this allows us to offer cost-efficient solutions to the market while improving automation and reducing the reliance on manual labor. Our goal is to empower industries to operate more efficiently and effectively, freeing up resources and allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

We are inspired by the positive impact our products can have on businesses and the world, and we are driven by a passion to improve. Maybe the answer isn’t always a new machine, maybe your best investment is to refurbish of your old Detab Ecomat machine. We take great pride in offer both alternatives. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of the industry and create a better world for all.

DETAB modular system

The DETAB modular system allows a wide range of combinations and solutions. With our reliable and flexible systems, we are a specialist company within flexible and silent high-quality vibratory technology for conveyor/orientation systems and feeding of parts for robot and machine processing using integrated vision systems. By combining our various systems, we are able to tailor solutions for a wide variety of automation applications.


The Dyna Glide system is a noise-free and flexible automation system for product control. Our complete system covers the whole supply chain, including the emptying of pallets/boxes, a buffer magazine and a Dyna Glide table and control station for sorting and rejecting any non-standard parts. The system may also be supplemented with packaging in bags, boxes or cartons for customer delivery, or, alternatively, parts may be conveyed to a robot and/or a processing machine.

Environmental Policy

DETAB Vision adheres to current environmental legislation and all applicable regulations and requirements. In addition, we work with continuous improvement of our environmental policy in order to be able to reduce any external environmental impact of our operations. Our company aims to minimize its waste volumes based on our production conditions and environmental requirements, as well as fulfilling the necessary conditions for primary source sorting and recycling of any waste and residual products as far as possible. We work actively to reduce our environmental impact by cooperating with selected partners who also aim to protect the environment.