What we offer



Adopting preventive and condition-based maintenance schedules take away the unforeseen production disruption risks, increases the uptime and performance of your FlexFeeder, thus lowering your overall operational costs and guaranteeing your planned output. Regular predefined preventive and predictive maintenance also facilitates budgeting.Protect your investment and avoid costly downtime efficiently and effectively. Our planned services consist of preventive maintenance and predictive condition-based maintenance solutions to maximize uptime and performance of your FlexFeeders. 


Your request for repairs on the spot has a quick response. Fast intervention when something goes wrong to minimize costly downtime. Our service experts are at your disposal to ensure fast and recovery interventions, efficient and solution oriented to meet our customers diversified requirements. 


On our newer machines, we always try to offer and push for fast , efficient and cost-effective ways of improving existing machines not only extends its lifetime but also optimizes its performance and enables greater energy efficiency, while reducing waste. Sometimes we have to accept that the machine are at end of its life-cycle. We provide you transparent overview of when your FlexFeeder might become obsolete, while offering you a seamless transition between old and new machines for a continuous service support. 

Service Agreement

It is not easy to keep track of all the service that must be carried out in a production. Therefor, we are happy to announce that we have developed a service agreement for new and existing customers. Our Service Agreement’s main aspect is to ensure regular maintenance to an affordable level. Based on how frequent and how many hours your machine is in use the need for service interval will variate. Contact us for more information. 



Service and aftermarket are important to us. We try to satisfy our customers needs and demand in the best possible way. We always aim for our machines to have a long life cycle with a high efficiency and output capacity throughout  their whole cycle. We want to help reduce the carbon footprint on our planet and see the opportunity to reduce resources by taking better care of our machines. If we are better at maintaining and servicing the machines in our productions more often, our FlexFeeders will last a long time to come. We have a good stock of spare parts on the shelf and if we don’t have it at home, we try with the help of our suppliers to solve what our customers are asking for as quickly as possible. Sometimes, unfortunately, spare parts and machines reach the stage in their cycle that they are obsolete and need to be replaced with more modern spare parts or functions. We try to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible for our customers and, if desired, we are happy to hold training sessions for your staff on site.

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