DG FlexFeeder 601


Welcome to the future handling of small components with the DG FlexFeeder 601! With this innovative vibratory feeder, you elevate your production flow to new heights with key advantages that no one else can match. The DG FlexFeeder 601 is not only Detab's smallest vibratory feeder – it is specifically designed to handle the tiniest components with great precision. Perfect for details ranging from 1-50 mm, this powerful machine ensures that no component is too small to be managed smoothly and efficiently.

One of the most impressive features is the gentle technology that can be applied to all materials. Whether your components are delicate, sensitive, or made of different materials, the DG FlexFeeder 601 can handle them without any risk of damage. This makes it an incredibly versatile and adaptable machine suitable for all imaginable applications.

DG 601 is equipped with a vibratory table that ensures a continuous flow of products, establishing low cycle times and maximum efficiency in your production. Depending on the product and its geometry, the machine can achieve an impressive feeding speed of 500 parts per minute.

But it doesn't stop there - DG FlexFeeder 601 is equipped with the integrated vision system Ecovision 6000, taking functionality to a whole new level. With its lightning-fast identification and verification of products in under 2 milliseconds, Ecovision 6000 guarantees an efficient counting of components in packaging applications. In robot applications and other automation processes, Ecovision 6000 even enables loading of components with the correct orientation.

With DG FlexFeeder 601 and Ecovision 6000, you get the best of both worlds - precision, speed, and versatility. Take your production to the next level and ensure that nothing is too small to be handled smoothly and efficiently. Choose DG FlexFeeder 601 - to create the future of production today.

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