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DG FlexFeeder 603


Welcome to the future-proof and powerful DG FlexFeeder 603 - a groundbreaking feeder that takes the handling of small to medium-sized components to new heights! With its unique and advanced design concept, DG 603 is the perfect solution to optimize your production. Whether you need to handle small parts with a diameter of 3 mm or larger components up to 180 mm, DG FlexFeeder 603 meets your requirements. The impressive minimum thickness of 2 mm allows even thinner details to be managed safely and efficiently.

With DG 603, you get the flexibility and adaptability you need to optimize your production. You can easily adjust the machine to handle different component sizes and types, giving you maximum versatility in your production line. Let the DG FlexFeeder 603 become your loyal partner to ensure smooth and efficient handling of your components. With its impressive flow, broad handling capacity, and outstanding flexibility, you can be sure that DG 603 will deliver superior performance and help you take your production to new heights with a capacity of up to 300 parts/min depending on size and geometry.

DG FlexFeeder 603 is equipped with the integrated vision system Ecovision 6000, taking functionality to a whole new level. With its lightning-fast identification and verification of products in under 2 milliseconds, Ecovision 6000 guarantees an efficient counting of components in packaging applications. In robot applications and other automation processes, Ecovision 6000 even enables loading of components with the correct orientation.

Choose DG FlexFeeder 603 - to future-proof your production and meet the challenges to come. Let it revolutionize your business and open the doors to a new era of productivity and success. DG 603 - where innovation and performance meet!

Product information

Technical information


Std. Output height:


Machine weight:



400V, 50Hz

Power consumption:

max 500W


6 bar

  • Standardized to handle a wide range of components
  • Designed for easy handling and use and quick changeover
  • Low cycle times while it has the ability to feed with orientation
  • Optimized for handling fragile products
  • Provides one of the quietest feeder solutions on the market
Typical details
  • O-rings
  • Sealing element
  • Gaskets
  • Screw-nut
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Plastic plug
  • Dowel
  • Feathers
  • Buses
  • Complex geometries
  • Perfect for details that are 3-200mm
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