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DG FlexFeeder 604


Welcome to the future of material handling with DG FlexFeeder 604 - our largest and most advanced feeder ever! Designed to meet the industry's transition from plastic-packaged items to paper-packaged items, DG 604 is the ultimate solution to revolutionize your production. With DG FlexFeeder 604, you will discover a whole new level of gentle handling. Its unique technology ensures that your valuable products are treated with care and precision. Whether you work with plastic, paper, or other materials, you can trust that DG 604 delivers safe and gentle handling to preserve product quality.

But the best part is that DG FlexFeeder 604 is not limited to paper-packaged items only. Its impressive ability to handle a wide range of materials on the vibratory tables makes it suitable for material handling of your largest subjects, ranging from 5-250 mm. Whether you are handling small details or larger components, DG 604 meets your requirements with style.

The flexibility of DG 604 will transform your production line into a well-oiled machine. With its adaptability and high capacity, you can quickly and easily switch between different products and materials. This allows you to streamline your production and meet varying demand with ease.

Give your production the power and versatility it deserves with DG FlexFeeder 604. Let it lead the transition from plastic-packaged items to paper-packaged items and take your material handling to a new dimension. Choose DG 604 - for gentle and efficient handling of all your material needs, regardless of size and type. It's the future of material handling - it's DG FlexFeeder 604!

Product information

Technical information


Std. Output height:


Machine weight:

570 kg



Power consumption:

Max 500W


6 bar

  • Standardized to handle a wide range of components
  • Designed for easy handling and use and quick changeover
  • Low cycle times while it has the ability to feed with orientation
  • Optimized for handling fragile products
  • Provides one of the quietest feeder solutions on the market
Typical details
  • O-rings
  • Sealing element
  • Gaskets
  • Screw-nut
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Plastic plug
  • Dowel
  • Feathers
  • Buses
  • Complex geometries
  • Perfect for details that are 3-200mm
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