DG FlexFeeder - the ultimate solution for feeding O-rings! We understand the importance of handling these critical components with the utmost care, and that's exactly what our vibratory feeders deliver, whether it's for packaging or further processing in an automated system.

With DG FlexFeeder, you can rest assured that O-rings are separated gently and without any risk of damage. Our advanced technology ensures a smooth and precise separation of the details without requiring specific surface treatments, minimizing the risk of scratches or deformations. This preserves the product's quality and ensures its lifespan.

We know that some O-rings can be particularly challenging to handle, but with DG FlexFeeder, it's no longer a problem. Our innovative design and customizable options allow for easy and smooth separation of even the most demanding O-rings.

You can be confident that each detail is fed into your production without any concerns.

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